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Upgrade The Style and Safety of Your Car with Used OEM Car Bumper Covers

Everyone wants to keep their car safe and make it look more appealing. As customization is becoming popular daily, the car bumper cover has also gained popularity as a cost-effective option to drastically alter the design and appearance. It covers the actual bumper and acts as an additional safety feature for your car by absorbing the impact.

At OEM Used Car Part, you will find the best-in-quality and customized bumper cover. We continuously update our inventory with new auto parts and provide customers a whole new updated car parts accessories.

front and Rear Car Bumper Cover Replacement

In our online store, you can browse and choose from various used car bumper covers of various car makes and models.

front bumper cover
Front Bumper Cover

With front bumper cover replacement, a car look becomes more elegant. Whether you have BMW or Ford trucks, Oem Used Car Part have an extensive range of front bumper covers.

Rear Bumper Cover
Rear Bumper Cover

At Oem Used Car Part, you will find the best design of the rear bumper cover, which fits easily with the rear lights and trunk shapes.

Lower Bumper Cover
Lower Bumper Cover

Lower bumper cover drives the air to the radiator from below the car and closes the space between the front wheel wells and beneath the main bumper cover.

leather bumper cover
Leather Bumper Cover

They are made of micro-perforated leather grain vinyl and protect your vehicle from surface-finishing damages.

plastic bumper cover
Plastic Bumper Cover

Easy to mold and repair, plastic bumper covers are the most used car bumper cover nowadays. It is lightweight and has positive effects on the fuel efficiency of the car.

PAINTED bumper cover
Painted Bumper Cover

At Oem Used Car Part, you will find the best finished painted bumper covers. Superior in texture and feel, covers will give you an original factory like look.


Apart from the aesthetics, the bumper cover shields your car from factors, including the weather, road debris, mud, and other objects on the road. With a broken bumper cover, the car’s aerodynamics would be horrible. It will cause an increase in drag and will negatively affect fuel efficiency.

Bumper covers are also beneficial in protecting fog lights and headlights. So, if your car has a broken or worn bumper cover, the best choice is to replace it. Oem Used Car Part will make replacing the bumper cover of your car an easy task. We have a wide selection of car bumper covers in our stock, ready to ship. 


The cost to replace a bumper cover depends mainly on these factors.

● Brand and model of a vehicle.

● Type of bumper cover

● Material

● Paint

● Selected aftermarket or used bumper cover.

● Labor cost.

Normally, car bumper covers will cost around $200 to $600, and the price can go up in the case of heavy vehicles. The body shop will charge between $100 to $200 to replace the bumper cover. However, replacing a bumper cover is an easy task, and the customer can do it on their own.

Restore your vehicle’s classy look with the elegant and durable bumper covers available on OEM Used Car Part. We offer aftermarket car bumper covers at competitive prices.

Best Price Guaranteed, We will Compete & Beat Any Pricing for Your Desired Used Car Parts.

Avail Exclusive Deals on Your Desired Car Bumper Covers


Buying a quality auto part is every customer’s major goal. If you are looking to buy aftermarket bumper cover for your car, you should keep the following things in mind:


Whether you are looking for a front or rear bumper cover, OEM Used Car Part has every used auto part under its hood. All car parts are available at the best deal prices. We keep only tested and verified car bumper covers in our stock and re-screen them before shipping them. We strive to deliver it within 48 hours. OEM Used Car Part provides a 12-month warranty on car bumper covers. Grab the offers now!


Due to aging, impact, or vibration during travel, a bumper cover becomes loose. It makes it inefficient to provide protection to the actual bumper and degrades the car’s look.

Yes, you can easily replace the bumper cover by yourself. It is an easy task and will take a few hours and also save you a lot of labor costs.

Bumper coverings give your car a more streamlined and polished appearance and provide extra cushion against impacts. So, it is a good option to equip your car with a bumper cover.


I am extremely happy with Oem Used Car Part’s service. Recently I bought a bumper cover with fog light fittings from their online store. From the process of selection of the component to the delivery stage, they provide constant support. They are a very reliable platform for buying used auto parts.
Alex Fescher
Whenever I have to buy used auto parts, I always count on Oem Used Car Part. I was looking for a plastic bumper cover for my SUV, and they provided me the parts with easy payment options and delivered it quickly. I truly recommend Oem Used Car Part for any car parts you seek.
Henry Doherty

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