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High Performance Used Auto Engines For Sale

Your car’s engine is its beating heart. It is a complex machine designed to convert the heat produced by the burning gas into power that turns the wheels. A spark starts the chain of events that leads to a mixture of petrol vapor & compressed air and causes it to burn quickly. As a mixture starts to burn, it expands & provides power to the car. 

If your engine is not performing at an optimal level, then it is time to upgrade it. Your engine must have a strong structure to withstand a heavy workload. Used engines for sale are available at OEM used car part.

used engines for sale


engiene assemblies
Engine Assemblies

When compared to repairing old car engine parts, repowering an engine with a remanufactured engine will restore its performance, extend its lifespan, and reduce the cost.

engiene block and component
Engine Blocks & Components

Engine assembly begins with the block. After the engine block is cast, it undergoes extensive machining to allow for the setup of other components.

engiene value part
Valves Parts

Valves allow gases to flow through and out of the cylinders while sealing the combustion chambers. They open and close in response to the lobes on the camshaft via the valvetrain.

Pistons & Connecting Rods

Pistons help to support the pressure generated by combustion, which is then converted into vehicle motion. Check out the large selection of auto engine components at OEM Used Car Part.


The camshaft, or cam for short, opens and closes the intake and exhaust valves. The majority of commercial cams are made of iron castings that are held together by bearing-rotating journals.

cyclinder head
Cylinder Heads

In an internal combustion engine, the cylinder head provides the lid of the combustion chamber. Exclusively at OEM Used Car Part, you will find the best prices on used engines.

motor mounts
Motor Mounts

The support and positioning of the engine in the chassis, as well as the reduction of noise and vibration caused by regular auto engine parts operation, are two critical functions of used car motor mounts.

oil pump and filter
Oil Pumps & Filters

An oil pump is used to lubricate and cool critical engine parts. Oil filter screens trap pollutants while allowing oil to flow.

engiene beating
Engine Bearings

Engine load, temperature, and other factors are indicated by voltage signals. The computer uses the data to control the ignition timing, the air & fuel ratio, and emissions equipment such as the EGR valve.

crank shafts

The crankshaft converts linear motion into rotating motion, which is required for the engine to function. Used engines for sale are available at OEM Used Car Part.

oil cooler
Oil Cooler

Oil temperatures rise as a result of stress, causing it to break down. Oil coolers aid in the regulation of engine temperature rise. OEM Used Car Part offers rebuilt engines at a reasonable price.

timing belt
Timing Belt

The timing belt drives the camshafts but also maintains the engine's perfect timing with the help of a pulley and tensioner. Buy engines online from massive inventory of OEM Used Car Part.

turbo charger

Used turbochargers and superchargers of Oem Used Car Part are efficient in reducing the engine size while maintaining desired performance and fuel efficiency.

engiene pullegs
Engine Pulleys

Modern serpentine belts should be faultless in order for engine accessories to perform optimally. Oem Used Car Part provides optimum quality engine pulley equipment.

enegiene rebuild kit
Engine Rebuild Kits

Get an engine rebuild kit for your vehicle's engines and parts based on your application, needs, and goals at affordable prices, only at Oem Used Car Part.

Why Do You Need A Car Engine Replacement?

Excessive exhaust smoke, excessive oil consumption, low compression, low oil pressure, and water mixed with the oil are all signs of major failure. The main causes for car engine replacement are:

  • Overheating from engine combustion erodes the engine block gradually.
  • If you drive an old car with a lot of miles on it, your engine block may break.
  • Due to faulty spark plugs, gasoline and air ignited in the combustion chamber.
  • Metal particles in your engine oil may cause engine failure.

What Is The Average Cost of Engine Replacement?

  • The average cost of engine replacement varies between $2500 and $6000.
  • A sophisticated engine, on the other hand, can cost up to $7-8K to replace.
  • The average four-cylinder junkyard engine can cost between $3800 and $4500. However, you can contact our experts to learn more about what engine changes are best for your vehicle.

Used Engine Parts For Sale With Assured Performance And Endurance At OEM Used Car Part

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Key Points For Purchasing Used Car Engines

It’s critical to know what to look for when buying used auto parts or engines online. The engine of a vehicle is a more complex component that can actually cost higher than other components. Check out our checklist to learn everything you need to know before buying used car engines.

  • Intact fuel rail, injectors, and charge pipes
  • A whole suite of sensors
  • Preserved engine harness

Make sure that the below listed essential parts are present and functioning:

●      AC compressor

●      A steering-wheel pump

●      Alternator

●      Starter

OEM Used Car Part – Affordable Online Store For Used Engines

  • OEM Used Car Part’s used car engines are tested for high performance and have guaranteed long-lasting endurance.
  • We make sure that the used engine parts we provide work as efficiently as a new engine.
  • We deliver across the USA. Our team provides doorstep delivery within 48 hours. 
  • Our used engines for sale are available at unbeatable prices in the market.
  • OEM Used Car Part provides around-the-clock assistance to its customer


Any drivetrain component is only as useful as how well it was maintained, and when purchasing used components, you should always inspect the quality and performance before buying.

Excessive exhaust smoke, poor fuel efficiency, low compression, and oil pressure are all indicators of a malfunctioning engine.

Replacing an engine is a time-consuming process. It requires a lot of skills, attention, and tools. It can take 2 to 3 days to replace and test it. 


Oem Used Car Part’s used engine warehouse is among the best places that sell engines online. You can rest assured and buy used engines at minimal prices through this store. They are certified used engine suppliers. I have been in business with them for a while now. I never had any quality-related issues with any engine replacement parts that I bought from here. Surely they are among the top used auto parts stores in the USA.
Gabriel Gomez
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