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Protect your car engine with durable and high-quality car hoods.  Get affordable car hood replacement parts at OEM used car part.

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Keep Your Engine Safe With Our Quality Used Car Hood

A car hood is the first car body component that covers a car’s front engine. It’s possible to classify hoods as a different kind of car door. The design consists of an inside panel and an external panel. The hood’s inside panel serves as support, and its external part serves as the metal cover.

There can be carbon fiber hoods, carbon hoods, or steel hoods. Your hood is constantly on display and is vulnerable to damage. It always makes sense to only invest in high-quality hoods because they are exposed to harsh elements, such as corrosion and rust.

At OEM Used Car Part, you’ll discover high-rated car hood parts. You can always install one of our add-ons if you require a car hood replacement.


custom car hood
Custom car hood

With custom hoods, your stock-appearing car will look more aggressive, have a stronger composition, perform better, and be more durable.

Car hood scoop
Car hood scoop

Integration of the car hood scoop makes the engine operates more efficiently and gives a sportier look.

car hood vents
Car hood vents

A Hood vent is an aerodynamic mechanism installed in the hood and aid in the airflow of internal combustion engines.

car hood hinges
Car hood hinges

Car hood hinges offer a pivot and bracket mechanism that enables hood opening and closing.

car hood pins
Car hood pins

Hood pins put a strong lock on the bonnet of your automobile and secure the engine compartment while driving at high speeds.

carbon fiber hood
Carbon fiber hood

Chemically and mechanically processed carbon strands are lightweight yet very strong, increasing the car's performance.

Why do you need a car hood replacement?

It is no rocket science that the car hood protects the engine from the outer environment. The car hood provides easy access to the engine for maintenance and repairs.

One of the most frequently damaged parts is the car hood hinge. There can be a misalignment, missing or rusted bolts, or hinges. Over time, the hinge may get looser or detach entirely. The hood is also susceptible to dings and scratches. Even though it can appear to be a minor problem, dents and scratches can lower the value of your car.

When your car hood starts to rattle while driving, it’s the best indicator to replace it.


Depending on the extent of the damage, you could only require a few simple repairs at this time. However, if the wrecked car hood cannot be fixed, purchasing a replacement can be your only choice.

Sometimes, car hood replacement might range between $100 and $700. Like any other auto component, the type of auto part you need will mostly depend on the brand and model of your car.

Even though an automobile hood will be slightly less expensive than an OEM part, it won’t be the same as the “original” part. At OEM used car part you will get parts that performs same as the new one.

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Whether you are replacing your damaged car hood or just customizing your car hood for a sturdy look, OEM Used Car Parts store is the best platform to go for.

Oem used car part suggests the following points to consider before choosing car hoods.


More than 2,000 vehicle hoods from different automobile models and brands are in stock at Oem Used Car Part. At our online store, you will find an extensive range of customized car hoods.

You don’t have to dig deep on the internet to find used car hood auto parts. All you have to do is visit Oem Used Car Part and choose from our wide selection. Oem Used Car Part provides excellent customer service. Before shipping any product, we inspect the quality of every auto part.


No, it is not safe to drive with bent or crushed car hoods. It may limit your field of vision while driving.

Car hoods can be heavy and uncomfortable to lift and move by yourself.  In case you are replacing the car hood by yourself, OEM used car part suggests getting another pair of hands to assist you in moving the package.

You can take off a hood using a variety of tools. The most common set of tools for removing a car bonnet parts or bonnet itself includes screwdrivers, a wrench, pair of pliers, and a hammer.


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