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Tough and Durable Used Bumper Assembly Parts

OEM used car parts is the best online auto parts store in the USA. We have years of experience in delivering quality-assured used bumper assembly replacement parts.

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Shield Your Car With Solid Used Bumper Assembly

In case of a collision, the bumper assembly acts as a shock absorber and reduces vehicle damage, making it an important safety component. While some bumpers comprise brackets or shock absorbers to serve the same purpose, others are made of foam material that acts as a cushion. 

The front and rear bumpers of a car are mounted with protective shields. They also make automobiles appear sleek and appealing. If you want to enhance your safety or look but have a low budget, then you can choose a used bumper assembly.  

OEM Used Car Part provides premium quality bumper assembly parts for various makes and models at a reasonable price. Every product is tested for reliability and performance.

Buy The Best Aftermarket Bumper Assembly

front bumper assembly

Front Bumper Assembly

The front bumper assembly, which is mounted on the vehicle's side, protects you from head-on collisions. They are available in various molds and designed for a specific purposes.

RAER bumper assembly

Rear Bumper Assembly

A high-intensity rear collision can be fatal for any vehicle, so the rear bumper is just as important as the front bumper. It is integrated into the rear ends of a car and minimizes the impact of collisions.

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Car Bumper Assembly Parts For Sale


Bumper Cover

A bumper cover is, as the name implies, a protective layer installed on the outside of your vehicle's bumper. It adds an extra layer of protection in the event of a minor or major accident.

Bumper cover ABSORBER

Bumper Absorber

During a collision, the bumper absorber considerably absorbs the maximum impact. It ensures that the impact on the car and the passengers is minimal. It can be found behind the bumper cover.


Bumper Reinforcement Bar

A bumper reinforcement bar adds extra protection in the event of a collision. It is attached to the bumper's metal bar and helps keep the vehicle as stable as possible during a collision.


Bumper Mounting System

OEM used car part provides bumper mounting systems of premium quality to set up various bumper replacements. Owning a quality bumper mounting system is always a better idea.

When to Replace Your Bumper Assembly?

Bumper assembly parts will preserve your vehicle’s sleek, aerodynamic appearance. Aside from adding aesthetic appeal to vehicles, bumpers also safeguard the majority of the vehicle in the event of a collision. 

Scratches, dents, & rust may appear with use and the passage of time. These items make the car appear unattractive and degrade the bumper. Having a bumper assembly replacement ensures that it is in the best possible condition to protect you as well as your vehicle in the event of a collision. Additionally, if you replace the bumper, the resale value will increase significantly.

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Bumper Assembly Replacement Cost Range

The price can also vary due to certain factors such as:

  • Make, model, and year of the vehicle
  • Bumper design
  • Material for bumpers

What Points To Consider Before Buying Bumper Assembly Parts?

Bumper assembly should be done based on your personal preference. Bumper assembly parts vary for different driving styles. Hence, it is important to acknowledge the performance you are expecting from such parts.

Why Should You Get Your Bumper Assembly From OEM Used Car Part?

OEM Used Car Part bumper assembly parts are tested for providing protection and minimizing the impacts of severe impact during collisions.

We ensure that the product we provide performs as well as a new product.

OEM Used Car Part's detailed finish ensures that the bumper replacement parts add extra protection for your vehicle with an enhanced overall look.

Our fast delivery ensures that we deliver your parts in due time with no hassles.

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You cannot reattach the bumper assembly alone. You will need little help to hold the assembly unit. Moreover, if you have the necessary tools, then tasks become even easier. If you don’t know how to replace it, take it to the car body shop.

Police officers may ticket drivers who are operating unsafe vehicles. Missing, improperly attached, or broken bumpers can render a vehicle illegal. Ensure that the front and rear bumpers are securely attached to the vehicle’s chassis or frame.

If you have a broken bumper assembly unit, then repairing it is a temporary fix. Replacement is the best solution as it will increase durability and enhance performance. Also, if you buy a used bumper assembly, you can save dollars on it.

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