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Fog lights are an essential component of a vehicle. They light up your way in case of mist and poor visibility conditions. It is imperative that drivers examine their functionality on a regular basis and determine whether or not they need to be replaced. 

You may save the most money when purchasing used car components that have been verified and inspected via OEM Used Car Part. You are at the correct spot if you have been seeking fog lights. We offer a wide range of quality and inexpensive used fog lights.

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LED Fog Light

led fog light

LED car fog lamp is a high-performance light with built-in ballasts and a fan that has a 360-degree beam angle. It performs well while using little electricity. We have an extensive selection of used LED fog lights that passed through multiple testing.

Fog Light BULB

fog light bulbs

Front fog lights are used when vision is compromised by bad weather, such as when it's foggy, wet, misty, or dusty. Fog lights are safer and more desired by many drivers since headlights may be overly bright in poor visibility circumstances and reflect into the driver's eyes.

rear fog light

rear fog lights

The rear fog light often has the same intensity as your brake lights and is a brilliant red color. When you're driving in fog, snow, or other situations that reduce visibility, the rear fog lamp's purpose is to make your car's location clear.

Fog light switch

fog light switch

The fog lights would turn on when the headlights and exterior lights turn on if the fog light switch is in the on position or the headlight switch is in the on position.


fog light brackets

You won't need to drill anything since fog light brackets use a bolt-on connection style installation that won't bend to secure your fog lights.

Fog Light RELAY

fog light relay

The electrical relay in charge of managing electricity to the fog lights is known as the fog light relay. Relay automatically enables the fog lights when visibility is poor.


fog light wiring kit

To save unnecessary headaches, install your fog lights using a high-quality wiring kit. This universal wiring kit for fog lights works with all types of automotive fog lamps.

fog light bezel

Your fog light bulbs are shielded from harm on the road by the fog light bezel and cover. Your lights are held in place by the bezel or surrounding plastic.



Nearly 20% of fatal multi car crashes involving ten or more vehicles are caused by faulty car fog lights. Here are some reasons you might need a fog light replacement:

  • Blown Fuse

    Many technicians may check your fuses as the last option if an electrical component, such as the fog lights, malfunctions. When a fuse blows, the circuit cannot be completed, and the lights cannot be turned on.

  • Burned-out bulbs

    Bulbs will eventually cease to function due to wear and tear. If just one light is out and the others are all on, it is a good sign that the bulb has burnt out. The remainder of the electrical system will often not be affected if a bulb burns out, enabling other lights to continue operating properly.

  • Fault in the relay

    Relays allow electricity to be transferred from the battery to the lights, but they may malfunction and prevent the connection from being made. A relay's failure might also result from improper grounding. An improperly grounded wire cannot safeguard the circuit and provide an outlet for accumulating excess charge. Poor ground or a defective relay may prevent your fog or driving lights from working properly.


It is very inconvenient and a serious safety issue if your fog lights are non-operational. There are numerous factors that affect the cost of changing the fog lights. If you want to buy LED fog lights, it is cheaper than Halogen fog lights. Also, the intensity and color temperature affects the price. Depending on the make and model of your car, the fog light replacement cost for a pair of broken fog light bulbs might be anywhere from $20 to $200. You can also reduce the replacement cost if you choose to buy used fog lights.

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Check the color temperature before selecting the fog lights. It should be according to your state regulations.

Choose the right type of bulb. There are numerous options like LED, Xenon, and HID. You can save energy if you select the LED.

It is also necessary to ensure the correct lumens for your fog light. A correct lumen intensity bulb will help you to drive safely.


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The Highway Code states that you should only turn on your fog lights when your vision is decreased to 100 meters. You can also switch ON them if you are facing heavy snow and fog.

When utilized in clear weather, front and rear fog lights may cause drivers to become blind. It is advised to equip your car with the right color and intensity.

Replacing car fog lights is an easy task. If you have the right tools, you can easily remove fog lights and replace them with a new ones. 


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