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Used Car Fender Replacement: Low-Cost Way To Protect The Car's Components

Each wheel well has a thick layer of protective plastic covered inside by fender liners positioned above each wheel. It keeps out the elements like mud and frost and shields the suspension, steering, fuse/junction boxes, and their connected wiring from foreign objects like pebbles and road dressings.

The fender also significantly adds elegance or a rugged look to your automobile. 

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Front Car Fender

They are positioned along the engine compartment from the front door to the bumper.

Rear Car Fender

Above the back wheel, rear car fenders are fixed along the luggage compartment.

Car Fender Flayers

Car fender flares are molded accordingly to the shape of the vehicle guard, shielding cars from on- and off-road dangers.


Liner fenders prevent debris, road salt, and slush from being deposited into your wheel walls.


Fender trim refines the car front and back and dresses the opening of the wheel wells.


Skirt fenders conceal the wheel's upper portion and mount firmly to the side of a vehicle's tires.


Your car’s exterior is weatherproof to a certain degree. However, your car’s internal parts could deteriorate if they are not shielded. Your engine is shielded from the outdoor elements by a fender liner protecting it from dust and moisture.

An engine exposed to these factors may continue to have long-lasting damages like corrosion or rust. As a result, internal repairs may be required.

Fender liners are an inexpensive and effective preventative step to shield your car’s interior from harm. Investing in a measure like this and making sure it is up to par will increase the longevity of your car and keep you safe while driving.

OEM Used Car Part has an extensive product line of car fender replacements. We offer parts for all makes and models of light and heavy commercial vehicles.


Depending on the extent of the damage and the required sort of repair, the price to fix a car’s fender can change. If there are minor damages, such as loose bolts or fading of colors to your car’s fender, then the repair price varies from $500 to $1,500. However, you must replace it if it is completely wrecked. If multiple panels need to be replaced, your price may go from $1,000 to $4,000.

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Although car fenders aren’t particularly beautiful yet, they serve many functional purposes, making them desirable.

Are you interested for used fenders kit for your car?  Here are a few points OEM Used Car Part suggests before you start investing in a fender set.

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A fender frames the wheel well of your car, whereas the bumper protects the front and the back of the vehicle.

Removing the old or damaged fender and installation of the new fender will only take 3–5 hours. However, the paint job and drying can take a week.

Fenders may be constructed from fiberglass, steel, thermoplastic, or other materials, depending on the car’s manufacturer. These materials are designed to absorb the impact during an accident and provide safety against dirt and grit to the inner car components.


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