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Used Car Transmission For Sale - Best Deals Only At OEM Used Car Part

Engine power is transferred to the driving wheels through the transmission box. It controls torque and the vehicle’s capacity to accelerate and decelerate, in addition to many other aspects of driving. A sophisticated combination of clutches, gears, computerized sensors, and electronic parts makes up the transmission. Even the slightest error can block the transmission line. Therefore, an efficient car transmission is necessary for better performance.  However, if your car transmission is broken, you must replace it.

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Automatic Transmission
Automatic Transmission

In AMT, there is no action required on the driver's part for gear shifting. AMT's functioning relies on a planetary gear set and automatic transmission fluid. Over 90% of the cars sold in the US have automatic transmissions, making them widely popular. Used Automatic Transmissions for sale at OEM Used Car Part Buy now.

Manual Transmission
Manual Transmission

Manual gearboxes or standard transmissions are mostly found in high-performance cars and small sports automobiles. Before automatic transmissions, manual transmissions were known to offer superior fuel economy. Comparatively, it has lower replacement costs.

CVT Transmission
CVT Transmission

In Continuous variable transmission, gear ratios fluctuate continuously according to vehicle speed. The CVT is particularly efficient as it maintains the engine's RPM while the vehicle is driving at varying speeds.

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Transmission Gasket

A transmission gasket is placed between the gearbox pan and transmission case and prevents transmission fluid leaks.

Transmission Cooler

A transmission cooler comes in many different sizes and shapes. It prevents transmission overheating and increases fluid life.

Trasnsmission Filter

Transmission filters prevent automobiles from experiencing shifting difficulty, gear grinding, or other typical transmission problem symptoms.

Transmission Mount

The transmission mount firmly fastens the transmission to support either welded or bolted. A rattling noise is the indicator of a worn-out transmission mount.

Why Do You Need to Replace Your Car Transmission?

Clutches and bands inside the transmission provide pressure and release, allowing the shift to happen each time it changes gears. This stress results in significant wear on the transmission, which frequently causes substantial and occasionally even severe transmission failure.

Also, the transmission’s age and mileage are two of the most crucial variables. Between 80,000 and 150,000 miles is the usual failure point for automatic transmissions. However, if there is negligence in maintenance, manual gearboxes can fail early. If your transmission has more than 80,000 miles on it, the best practice is to replace it with used transmission parts.

What is the Cost of Aftermarket Transmission?

The best way to keep your vehicle transmission in good shape is to opt for regular servicing. The aftermarket transmission cost varies according to the components damaged.

A single solenoid replacement might cost between $250 and $400. (including both parts and labour). Costs for flushing transmission fluid can range from $100-$250. The most common cause of transmission leaks is a damaged seal, which can cost up to $200 to replace.

However, a aftermarket transmission may be purchased for about $2,500 and $4,500.

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Key Points To Check Before Purchasing Used Car Transmissions

It’s crucial to understand the transmission’s quality before buying a used transmission. Various things can impact the quality of a used transmission.

The mileage of a used transmission is one aspect that determines its quality. How well it was maintained is another aspect that determines its quality. Someone who took good care of their vehicle and had regular oil changes and tune-ups is likely to have a high-quality used transmission.

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Any car needs a dependable transmission, but high-quality used car parts are difficult to find. Our wide selection of reasonably priced transmission parts will satisfy all of your vehicle’s requirements, no matter what part you’re looking for. The proper parts for your car can be chosen with our assistance. If you need high-quality auto components to fix your vehicle, look no further than OEM Used Car Part.


Unlike an automatic transmission, a continuously variable transmission (CVT) offers a seamless change between speeds, resulting in a considerably smoother driving experience and improved fuel efficiency.

Used transmissions are low in cost than their re-manufactured counterparts. They are reliable if you buy them from a trusted platform. However, OEM used car part suggest checking the product quality properly before buying it. At OEM Used Car Part, you will get quality passed auto parts.

Indicators of faulty transmission are

  • Difficulty in changing gears
  • Transmission fluid leak
  • Burnt odour
  • Slipping gears
  • ON transmission warning light


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