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Had a Fender Bender? Used Fenders to the Rescue!

Bumped the curb? Had a conversation with the standing pole? Avoid letting a fender bender push your budget into financial turmoil. Before you hand over your car (and firstborn) to the dealership, halt! There’s a secret which could make youe wallet happy: a used car fender.

Yeah, “used stuff isn’t always shiny and new” but listen to me. These second-hand fenders can cut your repair bills in half like samurai through cardboard, saving bucks for that fancy sound system or a guiltless spending spree. But the benefits go beyond your wallet:

  • Eco-Conscious:

Used less waste, happy little dance Mother Earth. All those Prius drivers will envy you (or at least that’s what I hope).

  • Quality:

Used should not deceive. Many of these fenders are from cars with low mileage or recent upgrades, so they’re essentially brand new (without the price tag, needless to say).

Of course, caution is advised before jumping headfirst into the used fender jungle. Here’s your guide to finding the perfect match:

  • Know your car:

Bring your car’s make, model and year handy so that you won’t struggle with fender mismatches.

  • Treasure hunt online:

Dig through the internet like a pirate searching for hidden treasure. Browse well-regarded marketplaces, salvage yards or even the local classifieds for hidden treasures.

So then, the next time plans are marred by a used car fender bender for your car remember – used fenders will be your eco-friendly and wallet-breaking solution. With second-hand, save some serious money and be on the road again with OEM Used Carparts.

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