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Why Paint Peeling Off Car and How to Rectify It?

paint peeling off car

The paint peeling off a car is never a good thing. Nobody likes car paint flaking off. Whether it is from the door or from the bumper. It reduces the aesthetics of the car and also degrades the resale value. The following blog will explain the causes of paint peeling off the car and how to fix peeling paint.

What Are the Causes of Paint Peeling Off the Car Bumper?

paint peeling off car

Bumper paint chipping could be due to multiple reasons.

Ultraviolet Rays

When a poor-quality paint job is exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long duration, it causes the paint to peel off of your car bumper or any part of the body.

Uncured Paint

A common mistake that causes peeling paint on a car is incomplete curing. When you drive your car with uncured paint, it goes off due to heavy wind. The dust particles stick to the car paint, causing a poor finish.

Layers of Paint

There are basically three layers of paint on your car: Paint, primer, and a clear coat.

The base layer, or primer, shields the metal underneath. The paint, which is the color coat, acts as a covering to protect the paint from oxidation and scratches while also preserving the paint’s brilliance. Car clear coat peeling occurs when one of the underlying layers loses adhesion to the surface underneath it and separates. When this happens, the paint of the car bumper may flake off.

If the paint layers are thick, it will also come off easily.

Scratches and Dings

One of the prime reasons car paint peels is when a chip or scratch compromises the seal of the clear coat, paint, or primer.

Moisture and other impurities can start penetrating the coatings once there is a gap. When a tiny chip occurs, the adhesiveness of coatings degrades. So, whenever it comes under water jets, it peels off. However, clear coat failure on this scale from a chip is uncommon and is a sign of underlying problems with the paint’s quality.

Steps to Fix Paint Peeling Off Car

Following are the steps which you need to perform to fix the problem of peeling paint on the car.

Mask the Area

In order to make sure that no additional patching is necessary for the future, thoroughly inspect the entire area. Determining the extent of the issue can occasionally be challenging.

When you look attentively at a small piece of flaking paint, it frequently exposes something more. The flaking paint must be removed because it cannot be put back to its original condition. Locate the areas where the paint is peeling, then wash the car completely to get rid of the dirt.

Sand the Affected Part

Remove every application down to the primer coat for complete protection against peeling. The best sandpaper to use for this is 1200 grit. Additionally, scrape off the paint in a 5- to 10-centimeter more around the affected region.

Application of Primer

You will encounter certain challenges if you spray paint the metal directly. The color won’t stick to the surface very well. Thus in that scenario, primer is applied. Without the application of the primer, metal won’t be protected, making it vulnerable to rust and other issues.

Ensure that area is clean before applying primer. You have to apply several layers of primer to cover the metal surface completely. Any imperfections or rough areas will be visible once the primer has dried. Re-sand and apply primer again, if necessary. Make sure the surface is smooth.

Application of Topcoat

The next step is to repaint the area, which was suffering from paint peeling. You should first get the right color of paint.

Apply two to three coats of paint over the primer for the best results, followed by the same number of applications of the top coat. Apply both paints evenly and thinly. This will enable you to finish your project perfectly and professionally looking without spending a fortune.


After the clear coat application, allow the paint to dry. After that, you can apply wax to give a more shining look.

If your car bumper is not repairable and the paint job isn’t working then the best option is to replace it. Replacing bumper will enhance it appearance and its resale value. Used replacement bumpers for sale price will save you dollars.

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Why is my bumper’s paint flaking off?

When one of the layers protecting the car’s bodywork: primer, paint, and clear coat, is not applied well, or a small scratch or chip compromises their integrity, then there will be cracked paint on the bumper.

Should I remove the paint that is peeling?

Yes, it is a best practice to scrape off the peeling car paint. It will reduce the extent of damage and also maintain the appearance of the car. However, you should take remedial action.

How much does it cost to repair a car bumper paint?

Depending on the material or color and the damage’s extent, the price varies. However, the average cost of fixing the peeling paint is between $100 to $200.

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