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Car Door Won’t Open or Close After Accident? Know How to Fix it

car door wont open after accident

It is very common for car doors to not function properly after an accident. There are many possible reasons for the improper function of the door. This reflects the impact of a door crash on the parts of the door, which result in such a manner.

Usually, the car’s front doors do not close if the clash is from the front side and vice versa. It is quite easy to tackle this problem without any unnecessary expenses. Mainly the problem is with significant parts of the door, such as hinges, latches, anchors, or probably the mechanism of the handle.

However, if you are experiencing problems opening the door in winter conditions, there might be a possibility that the door is structurally damaged due to these cold conditions.

Driver side door won’t close? This article will give practical information on “car door wont open after accident” problems and its solutions.

Car Door Won’t Open After Accident: Easy Fix & The Problems

car door wont open after accident

Latch & Anchor Problems

When it comes to car door jam handles, the latch and door should be the first parts to check. Both of these parts function on the basis of the other.

  • The latch is placed within the door framework while the anchor is fixed on the car’s body to hold on to the latch when the door is closed.
  • During a collision or an accident, it is possible that either of them takes an impact and gets damaged.
  • Check the anchor, and if you observe any marks, the accident possibly affected its position. Open the bolts to fix their positioning and set it up correctly.
  • Open the door and check the door latch. Suppose it seems stuck in one position and possibly in the exit position. You may have to open up the door frame to fix the problem.
  • However, you may try to change its position with a pen after applying WD-40 lubrication spray. Wait for the spray to dry, and then try to unstruck the latch with reasonable force.
  • Use the spray constantly until you don’t observe the smooth functioning of the door.

Car door wont open after accident even now? Look for other possible reasons and solutions.

Check the Hinges

Car door misaligned after accident? Hinges are responsible for ensuring a smooth opening and closing of the door. There is a possibility that the hinges of the door get damaged during an accident.

  • The hinge acts as an anchor between the car body and the door. Therefore, it will need a replacement; if there are any possible damages to the hinges.
  • You may try to fix it to ensure proper functioning manually.
  • You can either replace it yourself or seek professional help.
  • It is advisable to seek professional help as there is a possibility that you might damage other parts while doing so.
  • Hinge replacement costs around $400-$500. The cost may vary as per the state and the mechanic at work.

Look for The Electronic Components

Car door latches have two aspects, that is, electrical and mechanical. If you have already tried moving the latch with the help of a pen, but car door wont open after accident, then you may try to use the electrical component.

  • The fixed electrical component in the door will send the “open signal” to open the latch.
  • If it does not work as expected, there is a possibility of an electrical malfunction that could be a reason the “car door wont open after accident.”
  • A worn-out fuse can also be the reason for such functioning apart from the lock motor.
  • Try replacing the fuse. If the problem persists, then get it checked by a professional.
  • It takes about an hour and around $50-$200 to get the car door latch fixed or replaced.


Try Warming the Car Door

The car door cannot function properly due to the extreme cold conditions. What basically happens is that the mechanism of the car door suffers extra tolerance that inhibits it from working properly.

  • Use a blow dryer to lower the pressure conditions of the car door.
  • Do not use hot water as it might shatter the window glass and permanently damages the car door.
  • To add on, always park your car in the garage to get a normal functioning of the car door.
  • This also adds up to the vehicle’s life and prevents improper functioning of the car door.

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Car says the door is open when it’s closed; what to do?

There might be a problem with the electrical wiring within the car door and system. Also, this can happen when the car system is malfunctioning. You can either get it checked or replaced.

What to do with a crashed car?

If the car is damaged from the crash, you can sell it to a junkyard or salvage sale. However, if the vehicle has insurance, then you might take the insurance as that will be more profitable. It is up to the owner’s requirement what they are looking out of it.

How to make car doors close like new?

Proper maintenance and servicing of the car doors are essential to ensure their functioning like a new door. Always get your car door body air clean and perfectly lubricated when you go for your vehicle’s service.

What is the average cost of fixing a car door?

Replacing car door after accident costs around $500-$3000. The cost varies on the car’s make and model. The rates also differ as per the state.

What to do when car door won’t open after accident?

You may check the following parts and ensure their normal functioning.

  • Car door & latch.
  • Car door body.
  • Car door hinges.
  • Car door electrical panel.

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