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How Much Hp Does A Cam Add?- Is It Worth It?

How much hp does a cam add

The ambition of many car lovers and auto enthusiasts is to drain every last bit of horsepower out of their vehicles. It’s common to desire more power from your car’s engine. Now regardless of how much energy your car is currently using, we all occasionally desire a bit more. The amount of horsepower (hp) added by a camshaft upgrade depends on several factors, including the engine’s current state of tune, the camshaft’s specifications, and the other components in the engine build. A performance camshaft typically increases horsepower by improving airflow into the engine and optimizing valve timing and lift. However, the exact increase in horsepower will vary depending on the camshaft’s design and other engine modifications. But how much hp does a cam add? It must be a question to many of us.

In this blog, we are going to discuss what is a camshaft and how much hp it adds.

What Is A Camshaft?

How much hp does a cam add? If you don’t know anything about camshafts, you can’t understand this question. The component of the engine known as the camshaft is responsible for opening and closing the valves that control the flow of fuel. It also controls air into and out of the fuel tank.

Every road vehicle has at minimum one cam, and some contemporary cars even have a few. To operate and close the valves, the cam has blades on a shaft. The lobes of the camshaft make touch with other components as it rotates, moving the fuel and air mixture through the engine cylinders. The frequency of this procedure can reach hundreds every minute. Let’s have a closer look at how the camshaft works.

How Does a Camshaft Work Prominently?

A camshaft is a crucial component in an internal combustion engine that helps regulate the engine’s valve timing. It is a rotating shaft with a series of cams (raised bumps) that push against the engine’s lifters. It has control over the opening and closing of the valves. The camshaft works in the help with the crankshaft. Which converts linear motion into rotational motion, to maintain the engine synced.

The timing of the valve events (i.e. opening and closing) is determined by the shape and position of the cams on the camshaft. The camshaft rotates at half the speed of the crankshaft, so each cam has twice the time to actuate its associated valve. The valve events are timed to coincide with the movement of the pistons in the engine, allowing for the correct amount of air and fuel to be drawn into the cylinders, and then expelled.

In a four-stroke engine, the valves typically open once every two crankshaft rotations. Overall, the camshaft plays a crucial role in determining the engine’s power, efficiency, and performance by controlling the timing and duration of the valve events.

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How Much Hp Does a Cam Add?

How Much Hp Does A Cam Add and Is It Worth It

A camshaft can act as a power adder to your car. A camshaft has the potential to increase power. Its normal output is only 10–20 horsepower, which isn’t much more than a 10% increase in power.

If you want to gain significantly or add 50–100 watts of power, you’ll need to make a number of modifications. If you have a question that does a cam increase hp? Then the answer is a simple yes. Basically, the firing of the compressed and combined air-fuel mixture is what makes your car run.

The air intake will be adjusted by a better cam. It will provide more oxygen into the combustion and produce an increase in horsepower. Your present cams are made to provide the highest lifetime, best performance, and best fuel economy. As a result, the maximum horsepower your camshaft is capable of producing is insufficient to keep the proper volume of gasoline in the cylinder.

Additionally, attempting to get more power will definitely wear you out. If you buy new cams, the fuel injectors will support them. When you upgrade the fuel injectors, you’ll discover that new lids are also required. The cycle does not end there. To assist the air going in and out, you will need to improve your entrance and exhaust manifold. In the end, you’ll find yourself paying out a significant amount of cash to restore 50–100 horsepower.

How Much Horsepower Would a Level Cam 1 Add?

Your vehicle’s horsepower can be increased by 50 to 100 with a stage cam 1.

Additionally, it will lead to a boost in the output of torque. Your car’s throttle response will increase if you put in a stage 1 engine.

How Much Hp Does A Cam Add to Level 2?

The intake and entrance systems have to be developed, and the ECU must be remapped (Electronic control unit). The stage 1 and stage 2 cam enhancements will then be completed. Your car generates 20–25% more power as a result. However, if you replace the camshaft alone, you won’t get any power increases. For it to have the desired effects, other changes must be made as well.

How Much Hp Does A Level 3 Cam Add?

A level 3 camshaft can give a 40% increment to your output. But to enjoy this extended power, first, you will have to have the first two levels done.

How Much Hp Does A Level 4 Cam Add?

If the camshaft is put in at this point, the maximum power output will increase to 568 horsepower. The peak torque will, however, only slightly decrease due to this upgrade, to 510 lb-ft.

Is Camming Your Car Worth It?

Every auto lover has to fight a small war between efficiency and performance.

The first option, camming the vehicle, will increase power output and improve RPM response. This option also includes the engine’s more obnoxious sound. The performance ratings at lower RPMs will also be marginally reduced by this upgrade. As a result, you may want to give this choice some thought. You’ll need to purchase a fresh pair of power camshafts, which are easily accessible on the market if you wish to cam your vehicle.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of camming your car or upgrading your camshaft.


Enhance low-end torque

Your low-end torque will increase if you use a better cam. The low-end torque provides strong acceleration and power and is useful for starting the car.

A more active cam will have a longer duration and overlap, which will let more oxygen into the combustion chambers.

An increment in Power and efficiency

Power and efficiency can be compared in the same way. As previously noted, the power increase can range from 10% to 40% dependent on the cam stage.

Increase Sound

Your cam will irritate you with persistent noise whenever the engine is running once it is old and bad. You can hear strange noises emanating from the valve train, such as loud ticking and tapping, as its breakdowns occur.

improved RPM range

The valves are opened by the cams and are shut by the springs. The maximum RPM is constrained by the rate at which the forces close the valves.

As a result, the springs will have less time to fully close the valves once they have been extended further using a high lift camshaft. The engine’s RPM range will be higher as a result.


The expensive cost of buying a new cam for your car is the major downside. This drawback will be covered in more detail later. In addition, there are other aspects to take into account while purchasing a better cam.

You must become knowledgeable about a variety of components in order to choose the best ones for your cam, including rocker arms, variable cam gear, valve trains, fuel management, and others.

Average Price Of Installing A Camshaft To Your Car

The average cost to repair only one of these cams is between $120 and $300. Even if you repair them yourself, the minor pieces will cost between $50 and $200. If not, you’ll need to pay additional funds for the expense of labor. If you engage a skilled technician, the cost will be between $70 and $100. This amount sometimes varies based on the hourly rate.

Just the expense of repairs is that. The cost will increase to $3000 when you replace the entire camshaft, including labor. Not to add that the technician will charge you more money if your automobile is a luxury model.

How much hp does a cam add? This is all explained in the blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Hp Does A Level 2 Cam Add?

A level 2 cam can add 20-25% more power to your car’s performance. But for the best result, a user has to do all the necessary installments before that. Otherwise, one will not get the desired result.

How Much Hp Does A Level 3 Cam Add?

A level 3 camshaft can give a 40% increment to your output. But to enjoy this extended power, first, you will have to have the first two levels done.

Does a cam waste more gas?

Yes, More fuel and air will be able to enter the cylinder thanks to a larger cam opening the intake valve wider. More fuel is let in when the cam is larger.

Does camming a car make it faster?

Performance cams accelerate your car more quickly by producing more horsepower by advancing the time of the valve openings.

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