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How to Replace A 2007 Ford F150 Tail Lights?

How To Replace A 2007 Ford F150 Tail Lights

We can consider the tail light bulbs as safety signs at night. These are backlights or red lights on the back of a car. If your tail lights are burnt out, then you may be at risk while driving. These lights give you safety as your vehicle will be visible to other drivers. If you have a pair of burned-out tail lights, then you should consider replacing them right away. Are your 2007 Ford F150 tail lights burned out? If yes, you should consider replacing them instantly. But follow proper guidelines and steps.

In this blog, we will discuss how you can replace the tail lamps of the 2007 Ford F150. But first, we should discuss the importance of these lights.

Importance Of 2007 Ford F150 Tail Lights

A Ford F150 uses Sylvania mini bulb 4057 LL as its tail lights. These lights are naturally bright and give the vehicle a full look at night. But there are a couple of goals to achieve for F150’s tail lights.

Importance Of 2007 Ford F150 Tail Lights

  • Most of the time, tail lights are the only visible thing amid a deep black road. So, these lights give other drivers an idea about your vehicle’s existence and shape properly.
  • Tail lights are a sign that you are slowing down. Whenever you push your brake paddle, your brake lights turn on, which is a part of your tail light assembly. So, it makes other drivers understand that you are slowing down. Sometimes you may find that your Tail Lights Won’t Turn Off it is suggested that you get it checked.
  • The 2007 Ford F150 tail lights also include the indicators. And it is one of the most vital safety signs for your car and you. Whenever you are about to take a turn, you must turn on the indicators so that drivers behind you can understand that you are going to turn in another direction. That’s why it plays a significant role from the safety aspect.

So, these are some most important roles that tail lights play for a Ford F150.

Step-Chart of A Ford F150 Tail Lights Replacement

If the tail lights of your Ford F150 are burned out, then you should consider replacing them instantly. You can just end up with a professional mechanic for this replacement. But if you want to do it all by yourself, then you should follow these easy and simple steps.

  • Park your car on a level surface and turn it off.
  • Pull down the tailgate on the lower side.
  • Grab an 8mm socket wrench or an 8mm crescent wrench for removing the mountain bolts from both sides.
  • In the next step, remove the tail lights by pulling straight back away from the vehicle.
  • You have to remove the socket by rotating it anti-clockwise.
  • Pull the socket back to remove it from the tail light assembly.
  • Then remove the faulty bulb from the assembly.
  • Be careful of oil, as it can decrease the lifespan of the bulb.
  • Then put the new oil into the tail light assembly.
  • Make the socket fit in its position again.
  • Then put the assembly back and make the mountain bolts tight.

After following all these steps, a 2007 Ford F150 Tail Light Replacement is done, and you are all set to go with a healthy 2007 Ford f150 tail light.

From where can you get a new pair of tail lights for the Ford F150?

If you are looking for a new pair of tail lights that will be equipped perfectly with your Ford F150, then you have a couple of sources for this auto part.

First, you can go to local mechanic shops or auto part shops. As it is not a rare part, there is a huge possibility of getting it from there.

You can look for the part from any existing user of the same model or brand. If you get a healthy one, then you can buy it.

Last but not least, you can look for it on any trusted online website like OEM used car part. It is an online website that sells used car parts of all ford models and other brands that are in good condition.

Cost Of a New Pair of Tail Lights for Ford F150

The cost of a new pair of tail lights varies with many factors like year or model. And above all, it varies with the manufacturer company. But overall, it costs something around $50-$200 for a pair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace the tail lights myself?

Replacing a tail light bulb is a straightforward task. If you have some experience in auto part repairs or replacement, then you can do it very easily without any assistance.

How much does it cost to replace a whole tail light?

Well, it depends on the year, model, or manufacturer brand. But as it comes in a pair generally, the pair costs somewhere around $50-$200.

How long does it take a mechanic to fix a tail light?

As you can do it in a very straightforward method, it will take a maximum of 45 minutes or 1 hour to replace.

Are the tail light and brake light the same bulb?

On many vehicles, tail lights and brake lights are the same bulbs. One bulb in the assembly is the brake bulb, and the other one is the tail light.

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