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Honda Pilot Trailer Wiring Harness Installation Process

Honda Pilot Trailer Wiring Harness Installation

The Honda pilot comes with a big SUV body that can give your family real comfort. It is a three-row SUV, and the newer models are changed from a grille to a tailgate. This car uses a 285HP 3.5L V6 engine to make your ride smooth. Though this car gives you enough boot space and cabin space, what if you need to attach a trailer for carrying extra luggage? But it gets important to install a trailer wiring harness to your Honda Pilot. Connecting wires to an unpowered vehicle that is going to be towed by a powered vehicle is not an easy task to do.

let’s discuss the easy and understandable steps to install a trailer wiring harness.

Process For Installing Honda Pilot Trailer Wiring Harness

Installing a 2012 honda pilot trailer wiring harness is surely not an easy task. For this step, first, you need to attach a trailer to your Honda Pilot. But a user should have knowledge about wiring to connect the tail–lights, brake lights, and indicators to the unpowered vehicle. Here’s how can you install a Honda pilot trailer wiring harness? With these easy steps, any mediocre auto-experienced person can install a trailer wiring harness.

  • Fold the back seats forward and open the trunk.
  • On the driver’s side of the car, open the compartment cover marked as “AUX FUSE.”
  • Look in the AUX FUSE compartment for the white trailer tow plug.
  • Install the black box module for the T-connector on a level spot that is out of the way.
  • The fuse box for the car can be found by lifting the hood. Consult the user manual if you need help finding the mentioned parts.
  • Put the fuses for the wiring harness in the appropriate slots. Again, you can search for more information in the user manual.
  • Find the sizable grey housing under the bumper on the driver’s side, and take the top off.

By following these steps, we have answered how to install a trailer wiring harness on your Honda Pilot. If you already have a wiring harness, but it has got faulty, then you will need a wiring harness replacement

What Signs Does a Trailer Wiring Harness Indicate?

A trailer wiring harness can be identified into two types: 4-way flat and 4-way round. However, it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. But most of the SUV s that allow you to install a trailer to its back use these two types of harness only. And so, does Honda Pilot. A user who wants a trailer for their vehicle should know the color code first. This thing can make your knowledge enriched when it comes to making a wiring connection.

trailer wiring harness signs
trailer wiring harness signs

Color-Code Of a Trailer Wiring Harness

Generally, there are four colors that define the color code of a trailer wiring. It can vary with the manufacturer, but let’s talk about the most common four.

  • Green- a green light indicates a right turn and the brake lights at the same time.

  • Yellow- a yellow light indicates a left turn and brake lights on their own.

  • Brown- a brown light indicates tail light and running lights.

  • White- a white light generally turns on the ground light.

Now in the following chart, we are going to have a look at the four lights, where to attach them on the vehicle side and on the trailer side, and other requirements.

             Color Of the Wire              Purpose Of the Wire        Min. Wire Gauge It Requires Where To Attach (Vehicle Side) Where To Attach (Trailer Side)
Green Right turn and Brake light          18 On the wiring harness and right turn On the right turn signal of the trailer
Yellow Left turn and brake light          18    On the wiring harness and left turn On the left turn signal of the trailer
Brown Tail lights and running lights          18 On the wiring harness and tail-lights On the tail-lights of the trailer
White Ground light          16 Ground point of the vehicle – uncoated metal Ground point of the trailer – uncoated metal
Color-Code Of a Trailer Wiring Harness


Do I need a wiring harness to tow a trailer?

A wiring harness is not necessary to tow a trailer, the hitch will allow you to do that. But a wiring harness is important for turning the lights on the trailer. And the most common wiring harness is a 4-way flat.

What is the color code for 4-pin trailer wiring?

Well, the color code can differ from brand to brand. But the most commonly used color code contains four colors. The green color is used for the right turn and brake light, yellow light is for the left turn and brake light. Whereas the brown light is for tail lights and running lights. And lastly, white light is used for the ground light.

Do trailer wiring harnesses have fuses?

Generally, trailer wiring harnesses do not have a fuse on their own but technology is getting advanced nowadays. Wiring harness #118269 does use a fuse just below the converter box.

How long does it take to replace a wiring harness?

As replacing a wiring harness is not an easy task to do. It is located in a difficult position to touch, so the technician may need to dissemble parts to get there. It may take up to 20 hour or longer.

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